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The Last Stop guys present an early gift with 2 episodes in 1 week! Manny, Lavonte, Omarri, Brian, & Roshan got together to tell stories of their NY experiences growing up. They also give the keys of making it in New York for free. Check it out and don't forget to subscribe!






also R.I.P to the Red Benz, we'll miss you forever!


About the podcast

The Boys are back and better than ever with a new name! Listen in on their thoughts on everything from news, sports, and music. They’re here to leave an everlasting imprint on the culture.

Happy Birthday Sharona and Daniel! On this episode we talk about finessing our way into the Roy Woods albums listening party and the experience with that crowd. Also we have a special guest mix by Shantonio Chromatic check him out and all us us at: @silkdurag @wrk_inprogress @Steven.dookie @toniochromatic